How much does a home inspection cost?

360 inspections pricing

Are you looking for the best home inspection in Kansas City at an affordable price? That’s the mission of 360 Inspections and, while we provide our pricing for you here, sometimes it’s best to learn the entire scope of services you need so we can ensure you have the most accurate price and availability.



We always recommended doing your homework to choose the right home inspection partner for your needs. Part of that is comparing pricing for all of your services, not just the home inspection. 360 Inspection never charges you credit card fees or extra for crawl spaces, and offers competitive pricing for additional services like termite inspections, radon testing, and sewer scopes. We aim to save you money while providing the 5-star inspections and service we are known for.

Termite Inspection $85

Radon Test $125

Sewer Scope $175


With home inspection only.

Some services performed by trusted 3rd party experts, but we will schedule for you and you can pay together with your home inspection.

Standard Home Inspection Pricing


Residential home up to 3,000 sq ft

  • Add $25 per 500 sq ft over 3,000 sq ft.
  • Additional Inspection Pricing:
  • Condo $300
  • 1/2 Duplex $375
  • Whole Duplex $550
  • Re-Inspection $150
  • Multi-Family (call for quote)
  • Commercial Inspections (call for quote)

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Other Items


  • Optional Detached Outbuilding
  • Starting at $50
  • Homes built 1940 or earlier
  • Additional $25

Very thorough and quick turnaround! They answered all of my questions and did so in a way that was practical and easy to understand. I was even shown a video so I could see what to look for and how the repair should be made. I highly recommend!


Abraham K.


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